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Better That’s guide to ethical shopping.

Whether it’s saving the planet, or giving back to those in need, we all want to do our bit to help change the world. Ethical shopping starts with good intentions and access to the right information, but just how to spend your pennies without putting the planet at risk? Better That shows you how to shake up your your shopping habits without sacrificing on style. With a little bit of know how, your shopping habits can have a positive impact on the world and those around us. Check out these products from brands committed to doing better so you can too. 

Go low waste 

Aussies produce 540kg of household waste annually, and 130,000 tonnes of plastics end up in our waterways and oceans each year. You can help fight the war against waste by saying no more to single use plastics. Try these innovative products that make doing good look even better.

Eco-friendly finds

Seek out ethical, fairtrade and biodegradable goods to feel truly amazing about your purchases. The brands behind these items use a range of sustainable materials to create products that won’t hurt the planet.

Trash to treasure

Some of our favourite brands are finding incredible ways to reuse plastics and other waste products. You won’t believe the materials used to create these cool finds were once on route to landfill!

Shop local

Buying from local business not only reduces your carbon footprint, it helps stimulate the economy in which you live. You’ll often receive great customer service as well as that ever-important personalised touch. 

And there's more...

Shopping vegan or cruelty free used to be a tough gig with a small, not so stylish range of options for those looking to omit animal products. However with more and more cutting edge brands jumping on board, you’ll be hard-pressed not to love these fashionable, animal friendly finds. 

A last word


Ready to start shopping better? Remember that every dollar spent can have an impact on the world and those around you. Dive in to a more conscious way of consuming and start feeling more positive about your purchases today.