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Does your taste lie on the higher end? While splurging a little extra on a new garment or handbag can seem indulgent, it's worth remembering that quality really does beat quantity. So, what to look for when feeling spendy? Read on to find out!

Invest for Success.

You've saved up for that stylish new splurge, so how to pick your next purchase? While a fast fashion fix can feel great in the moment, it's these high quality, luxury garments that will ultimately stand the test of time and afford you hundreds of wears. Unlike throwaway fads and trends, beautiful, timeless pieces will last a lifetime in your wardrobe and save you cash in the long run. Get set to ditch the disposable duds for truly fabulous cuts and fabrics that will lift your wardrobe game and have you feeling a million bucks.

At Better That, we know the value of quality workmanship and well-made clothes. Level up your style game and shop smarter with some of our gold standard brands. Because nothing feels better than clothes that feel great.