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How it works?

Unsure how to Shop the Drop? Our guide will help you understand how to join the bidding thrill-fest! 

Login or Register 

You must registered and logged in to participate in Drop Auctions on Better That, or you can register as a guest. Click on SIGN IN/JOIN within our navigation, input your information, press 'SIGN ME UP' and click on the verification email that is sent to you to activate your account.  Or, follow the steps to register as a guest.

Once you're registered and activated, you can see upcoming auctions here. If you’re not sure what to do at this stage you can always watch a Drop in action before you're ready to bid. 


Make an offer before the Drop Auction (if you like) 

Can’t make the Drop time? No worries, you can make an offer before a scheduled Drop Auction at any time. Tell us what price you want to pay and you might win right there and then! Just add an amount you’re willing to pay and click ‘PLACE AN OFFER’. If your bid is accepted you will see a ‘congratulations’ message then the item will be yours. If you get a ‘better luck next time' message then you have not won or purchased the item. You get two more attempts to place an offer and a total of three goes at making an offer on the item. 


Add your shipping 

Before you can bid, we need to know where to ship your items if you win. Choose to have your items shipped to your address and we’ll calculate the delivery cost at checkout. You're not committing to buying anything at this stage.


Pick your Good Cause 

At Better That we believe it giving back. Every transaction on our site gives back to a good cause of your choice when you shop with us. When you bid and win we will donate a percentage of the transaction value to your nominated good cause (out of our pocket, not yours). Before you enter the Drop tell us which cause to donate to if you win.  You're not committing to buying anything at this stage. 


Add your payment details 

We need you to add a credit or debit card for us to charge should you win at the Drop Auction. You cannot bid in our Drops if you have not added a payment method. We promise you will not be charged unless you win the Drop Auction. 

Please note! When you add your shipping address, good cause and payments details before entering a live bid, you are not committing to purchasing anything at this stage. You only pay when you win the Drop.  

Bidding in a live Drop 

Our Drop Auctions last between 30 seconds to two minutes per item. So you need to act fast during this time to compete with other bidders and win. There may only be a few items of stock available, so get in quick before someone else beats you to it. We limit the number of people that can participate in each Drop Auction so that you have a good chance of winning. Our clever algorithm is working in the background. Each Drop Auction varies in time and percentage discount when the product drops - so you can’t cheat the system, even if you try! You only get one chance at bidding. When you click 'BUY NOW' during a live Drop Auction you are committing to purchasing at that price and you only get one shot at it. You cannot click 'BUY NOW' multiple times and hope to get the item for a cheaper price than the first time you clicked BUY NOW.


If you are at all unhappy with your item once it’s arrives you can refer to our returns policy to see if you are eligible for it to be returned. Each of our retailers returns policies vary, so it’s important to consider this before bidding in a Drop.