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Australian Pet Welfare Foundation
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By selecting us as your Good Cause when you shop at Better That, every time you purchase an item, we will receive a donation from Better That to help us make a difference.

About Australian Pet Welfare Foundation

Australian Pet Welfare Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of pets, and to helping ensure all adoptable pets find a forever home. Our team researches and develops strategies to decrease the number of homeless dogs and cats euthanased in Australia. We share our knowledge freely with governments, welfare agencies and the wider community to effect change and save lives. Our work benefits both pets and the people who love them. We are working to change the way Australia manages its stray pets, to save the tens of thousands of healthy and treatable homeless dogs and cats that are euthanased every year. Our work also includes improving pet care through furthering health research, and advocating for fairer laws and rules for pet owners. We want to see an Australia where every cat and dog has a forever home, and every person can enjoy the love and companionship of a furry friend.

How it works?

Better That helps Good Causes raise funds to do good, for free. 

With their give back guarantee, they make a donation (out of their pocket, not yours) for every item bought on Better That, and you get to choose where it goes!

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How your money helps
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Getting to zero

We want to help get Australia to zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable homeless dogs and cats by 2027. We work on finding solutions to the biggest issues affecting euthanasia.

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Community cat program

Creating a better future for homeless kittens and cats. Our free desexing program is an Australian first and aims to change the way stray cats are managed in Australia.

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Fairer laws for pet owners

We believe people should never have to choose between their home or their pet, so we lobby for fairer rental laws for pet owners. 

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