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Kangaroo Island Rescue Centre 
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About Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre

In January 2020 the Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre was established in response to the devastating bushfires that ravaged Kangaroo Island. During the following months we saw over 600 koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, goannas, birds and possums come through in need of critical care for burns, dehydration and starvation.  Those that were able to be saved were treated at the park and were released back to the wild once they completed their treatment. Some of the joeys that were orphaned during those months were unable to be released due to their imprinting during being hand raised and remain at the park. 


The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park operates the Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre around the clock responding to call outs 24/7. We are committed to the ongoing care of injured and orphaned wildlife. Our aim is to not only protect and care for our wildlife but also to work together for the conservation of them all. 


Donations to the park and the rescue centre go directly to the care, treatment and husbandry of all kinds of animals that come into our care on a weekly basis. We rely on the incredible donations of the public to continue our amazing work rescuing, raising and saving Kangaroo Islands koalas and wildlife.  

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One of the major concerns after the devastating bushfires in 2020 was future habitat for our wildlife. With half of Kangaroo Island having been burnt during the fires, it was urgent that new plantations of eucalyptus seedlings were planted to ensure we will have a sufficient supply of food for our koalas for future generations. The Kangaroo Island Koala Rescue Centre has planted more than 500 seedlings to date, and due to the care by the staff and volunteers to ensure they are kept mulched and watered, they are all growing beautifully. 
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Even though we have been now been able to release most of the bushfire victims back into the wild, we continue to receive injured and orphaned wildlife and there has not been a day when we have had no wildlife in our hospital to care for. Most of the time we have a couple of joey kangaroos and koala joeys. We sometimes have possums, wallabies, birds, penguins, seabirds, reptiles, echidnas. Many of these are brought to our hospital when found but often we receive a callout to go and rescue an animal. Most of the time they need to come back to the Rescue Centre for care. Sometimes they just need a little bit of on the scene help, like a seabird that has become entangled in fishing line.     
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The Kangaroo Island Koala Rescue Centre has partnered with Flinders University to conduct a research program on our koalas on Kangaroo Island.  The crucial research that they are undertaking will help us have a better understanding of our koalas and their genetics and help us safeguard their species for generations to come.  On their first visit they found two of the koalas that we had released back into the wild after the fires. It was very pleasing for us to know that they are thriving well but also exciting that they are now carrying joeys.   All koalas that came into our care during the fires were microchipped. This now enables identification. If they happen to come back into our care in the future, we will have records of exactly which koala it is and what problems it previously had. The microchipping can also help us identify how far they are travelling from their release sites. 

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